Saturday, June 20, 2015

Two. How is he already TWO?!

Somehow, we have a 2 year old on our hands.



I know everyone says how fast time flies and they're in awe of their child getting one year older. Like we know it's coming, but in the day-to-day, in the mundane, in the chaos... it's so easy to just have the moments pass you by. So easy.

I try to soak in every little bit that I can, and yet time slips away faster and faster. His first year was mad hard, yo. One of the hardest--yet best--years of my life.

His second year wasn't without hardships, certainly. But it's been different. I've found myself more as a mother and I've understood things better than before. I'm not fighting depression and I'm enjoying this stage of his life deeply. Finding the joys in the big and small things.

But this, his second year of life came and went SO fast. Some long, slow days. One very fast, blurry year.

Elijah David.

Our sweet, adorable, hilarious, spirited, sensitive, spunky, helpful, kind boy.

Let me have him answer some questions for you :)

What's your name?

How old are you?
TWO! {he says very quickly}

Can you say yes?
AY! {So that's a no... his yes is a weird Irish-type version ;)}

Can you repeat the letters of the alphabet after me?

What's your favorite color?
Ello. {Yellow}

What's your favorite song?
{Old MacDonald Had a Farm... EIEIO}

What's your favorite toy?
PHONE. Mama's phone. Daddy's phone. Lijah's phone.

Do you want to watch something?
VV. VV. {TV}

What do you want to watch?
How about Paw Patrol instead?

Do you want to color?
Ayyyy! {As he goes to his special drawer for the crayons and paper}

Is that your truck?

Do you want to help take out the trash?
Ash, ash, ash!!!
Is your favorite truck the trash truck?
AYY - ash, ash, ash!!!!!!

Want to do a puzzle?
AY! {as he climbs into the chair excitedly because he knows that's his spot for doing puzzles}

Where's your nose?
*he points and shows us every part of his body

What sound does a cow make?
What sound does a lion make?
Roaaaarrrrrrr {he also roars if I say "line" haha}
{he loves making dinosaur, duck, sheep, horse, and puppy noises too!}

What's your favorite animal?

What are your favorite things to say?
That. That. I want that.
Go outside.
No mama. No daddy.
Bees. {which are actually ants or really bugs of any kind.}

What's one of your favorite activities?
Water! {he loves to play in water - the wading pool, sprinkler, bath, hose, anything!}

Do you love to say hi and wave to random people all the time, passing by in cars or walking by at the store?

Great, thanks Elijah for sharing this with everyone!

Some other things he's doing/loving:
Climbs up onto everything on his own now.
Going up and down stairs on his own.
Drinking from a cup.
Trying to feed himself with a fork and spoon.
Loves turning off and on toys, now that he's figured out how.
Starting to learn to take off his clothes.
Learning colors, letters, and shapes really well.
Wants to do things himself.
Loves to help out around the house - taking out trash, putting things away.
Loves the sounds of bikes, trains, and sirens {which he calls "whee wheeeeee!!!!"}.

Surprises me every day with things he knows that I didn't realize he knew like when I asked him if he could bring mama 2 diapers from his bedroom. He did exactly that! I didn't teach him that, he just figured it out.

Getting SO BIG!


Oh sweet Elijah, we love you so very much and are truly blessed and amazed to have you as our son! We had a fantastic time celebrating you today with family.

Grandma C and I made you some fun Mickey cupcakes.

We spent a good deal of time and had fun planning and prepping the garage for your party, only to be pulled inside the house at the last minute due to rain. Mama was so disappointed, but the party must go on!

We shared some great food - thanks to daddy for the grilling! Then dessert and opening presents and playing with them.

You weren't sure about the birthday singing at first, but you blew out your candles like a pro when mama said to blow like for bubbles. Then you ate the cupcake no problem!

You had a great time with your cousins!

So many wonderful presents! And one book {a "choo choo" book} that you just had to sit on the couch with and have Carrissa read with you. So sweet!

Thanks for coming all the way from Chicago, Aunt Bev! We loved having family here with us to celebrate our little boy!

What a joy you are, Elijah -- even in the crazy or sad. Truly, beyond any words I can express. We are unbelievably grateful. I'm so blessed to be your mama and to hear you call me that still melts my heart. It is an honor to watch you grow.

Happy birthday Elijah. We love you. To the moon and back.

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Christina T said...

I can't believe he is two already! Happy birthday Elijah!