Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Welcome Baby

Welcome to the world!

{I'm only about 8 weeks late on this - whoops!}

Caleb Andrew

Born 9/13/16
at 6:35 p.m.

6 lbs 10.4 oz
19 inches
14.5 inch head circumference

Caleb was born via c-section, though we really tried our best to avoid that scenario. Obviously God had other plans and I just needed to relax and trust him!

We were SO thankful that our family could once again be there, and this time we were all able to hold baby since there was no NICU stay!! (Hallelujah! That was one of my biggest prayers!) My mom and stepdad, my mom, Tim's mom, and our dearest friend Monica were all there both last time with Elijah  and this time with Caleb. This time was different in that I was not induced and in the hospital for nearly 24 hours of induction and then 12 hours of labor. {My dad visited but refrained from holding baby while he had a cold. He was finally able to hold him several weeks later.} 

Our friends Andrew & Julie and their 4 kids have always given so graciously of their time and energy to babysit Elijah over the years. They are like second family to us. They were so kind and picked Elijah up at daycare that day and kept him overnight with them, which he LOVED. Their kids go bonkers for time with Elijah and they all have so much fun together. They're ages 7-14 and they even fight (lovingly) about who will play with/watch over Elijah. It's so great. We're so thankful they could spend that time with him while we were at the hospital with family. Then the next morning after they woke up, mom and Jerry left our house for the 5 minutes over to Julie's house, picked Elijah up, and a couple hours later came to visit us at the hospital (more about that when I get around to more posts about all of this).

It was a rough recovery at first, but thankfully not quite as rough as last time. Just different. We're so thankful for excellent medical care during some scary BP spikes days later that required a total 8-day hospital stay. We were beyond ready to go home, but learned a lot especially about just resting in God's plans for us. We bonded a lot during that time with Caleb while my mom bonded a lot at our house with Elijah. (My stepdad left on Saturday night because we all assumed the 3 of us were coming home Saturday afternoon. Whoops. We came home Wednesday night instead. Ugh ugh ugh. I felt so bad for my mom! But they did great together - she's really the best!!)

I missed Elijah SO badly and cried every day that I couldn't be with him. We FaceTimed most nights to say good night to him, and we saw him every day except one (Saturday - my worst day yet and I was honestly so scared that day about my health and did not want Elijah to see me the way I was).

But. Praise God we are all okay now. It was a huge relief to get home. To not have the stress and constant checking-in at the hospital. It was hard to know what to expect from Elijah upon arriving home, but he really did great. More on that to come. 

Thank you for your prayers as my pregnancy came to an end, and I'm sorry for this being so late! As you can imagine, life with two little ones while on maternity leave has meant little time for myself, much less time on my computer.

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