Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My friend Brent

My friend Brent, whom I've known since first grade, was arrested recently in a murder case (a couple weeks ago now). The murders took place on Sept 11 of this year. For those praying for him and those who know him personally, here are a couple of updated stories:

I'm fairly sure Brent could never do such a thing, and yet I haven't seen him in over 11 years. I cannot imagine him doing this, and we have to remember he is innocent until proven guilty. I have faith in him and support him, and pray every day that he didn't do this and will be found innocent. But if I'm wrong, then I pray for justice and that he will be charged and penalized accordingly. God be with everyone involved, especially all of the families right now and the judge/jury. Watch over all of those precious kids.

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