Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 in review

I sit here on my recliner at 12:20 am watching a movie with my husband ("Miracle" based on the true story of a USA hockey Olympic team), and I cannot help but reflect on this past year.

This has been a long year of trials and joys, pain and triumph. We've seen health issues of our own and health issues of others. Many whom we know and love have struggled greatly this year, and some have come out of it with amazing strength and grace. Others will struggle into the new year but we will hope and pray for good news from all of them throughout 2008. We have seen friend's of ours from church whose little boy just 2 years old was diagnosed with cancer early in the year and by late in the year, he'd been diagnosed NED (No Evidence of Disease). Praise the Lord! We also think of a good friend of mine from work who is struggling with some deep and constant pain in her legs, but with no official diagnosis. We pray that 2008 would be a year of triumph for her with answers and her pain lessened or taken care of altogether. We think of a friend of my dad's who was diagnosed in Nov with pancreatic and liver cancers - at this point considered to be extremely dangerous and she may very well not see the end of 2008, but we pray for healing there too and for a long life. My best friend's mom nearly died when her colon erupted and she spent three long months in the hospital and continues to recover and as she continues to fight breast cancer. We saw the birth of my best friend's baby as well as the birth of babies to a few other friends throughout the year. One of my h.s. friends got engaged and another one is in jail suspected of murdering his wife. Tim's grandma turned 95, a brother got married, friends from church got married, my cousin was sent overseas to fight in the war on terror, we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, my mom got engaged and will get remarried in April 08, my grandmother passed away on Dec 21st, and I got to see several relatives I hadn't seen in 7 years or more.

It's been a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG year with some weird things happening. But the year also seemed to fly by, which somehow gets worse every year as I get older. I praise God for everything that happened this year, even the trials as they have made us stronger. I pray for all my friends and family who are hurting and struggling in 2008.

God please help me to accomplish the very daunting and overwhelming task of all of my "new year's resolutions"! (I'm not actually big on that terminology, but I seek to grow more in so many ways this year. I'm having trouble narrowing it down so that I'm not so overwhelmed.) I can only find this strength and ability in God, not in me... God, please guide my choices so that I don't continue to drown in self pity, sorrow, food, and guilt. Go before me and light my way so 2008 is vastly different from 2007.

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