Wednesday, April 20, 2011



My favorite season. 

My heart leaps when the flowers and trees start blooming.

And I nearly cry when it frosts or snows again and makes the flowers wilt or disappear. 

Even though this week has been colder and the flowers are deteriorating quickly, the fullness of Spring is right around the corner... yay! 


Sydney said...

I love Spring!! Sadly, I don't have any flowers growing at my home.. it's the brown thumb kicking in!

Missy Schranz said...

I like spring, too, but my allergies don't! Hope you have a great Easter! :0)

Rochelle said...

:) Sydney you should plant some! It's hard work but such great reward. Our garden used to be uber ugly until we redid it with flowers I actually like. Missy my allergies hate this season too, but I have bad year-round allergies, so I tend to have peeks at the season change and then they normalize a little again. It's really bad right now, but I refuse to let that stop me! :) Breathe - who needs to breathe?! ;)

Sherah said...

I love your daffodils, Rochelle! I think I have flower envy now ;-)

Katie said...

love it, they look so pretty!