Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fainting and Traffic Woes

Have you ever fainted?

I haven't, but yesterday morning I was pretty sure it was about to be my first time. I was not feeling well at all yesterday morning, and got so light-headed and weak that I nearly fainted. It was not a good feeling!

But it also makes me realize just how blessed I am. I work with a wonderful group of people who made sure I got the help I needed... they got me to a couch where I could rest for a bit, got me some water, picked up a sandwich for my lunch, offered to drive me to convenient care if necessary, and so on. I work with such a fabulous group of people and it makes me so thankful.

Also what a great reminder that God knows better than us... and that he's watching over us even in ways we don't necessarily expect.

Tonight we had a sad attempt to get to Outback for our Valentine's Day date, and we never got there. We wound up stuck in a mess of traffic when the main road we needed was shut down due to a bad accident. We were redirected to side streets that were solid with traffic... what a mess!! We saw near accidents because people got so frustrated, we got stuck on unplowed roads that were solid with ice and snow, and the cops were only blocking us from the main road but not directing the traffic. It was terrible. We turned around and diverted again several times until we finally ended up heading north on the road we'd originally started going south on. Only then did we find out the road had been closed for several blocks... part of which went right past Outback. :( We went into a shopping strip to get away from it and finally decided to take a break and eat after sitting in that for nearly an hour. So we were next to a Red Robin and ended up in there instead. It was good food, but it's not an Outback steak!

When we left there it was cleared up but the road was still closed, so we went on the other side of the road this time and it was much better... streets were clear and not much traffic. I suddenly became really thankful for Tim's new GPS system that I otherwise had found very annoying! We made it around the mess and got back home safely. What a nightmare!!

We had heard a traffic helicopter at one point, or so we thought. Now we wonder if it was a Med Evac or something because of how much of the road was shut down.

But we are thankful we are safe, the accident didn't involve us, we were still able to eat a nice meal and spend time together, and we learned some interesting side streets in the area! God is good and he knows better than us. I'm just so thankful tonight for so many things. Also having heard about the school shootings at NIU... I praise God for another day of life and health.

Thank you Lord for your goodness and mercies. Rejoicing in the day the Lord has made!

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