Friday, February 22, 2008

Television, movies, and Oscars

I love some television shows and movies, but I definitely differ from most of the award show choices. I enjoy watching most of the award shows off and on (I rarely sit through the entire thing except perhaps the Golden Globes). It used to be that the good stuff was chosen for TV like stuff on normal channels. I don't get the whole HBO buzz and such, probably because I don't get HBO and don't care for their choices in what they air.

I enjoy watching the WGN news and want to share with you Dean's list of his Oscar predictions:,0,601922.htmlstory.

Granted, I haven't seen most of the Oscar nominated movies, so I can't judge them, but from the previews they just look gross and immoral. They are not my preference to spend money on, set my eyes on, or waste my time on. I prefer romantic comedies... sometimes dramas but nothing too intense typically (there are definitely exceptions to that) or anything really gross or scary. Yes, I have nightmares. I am 29 and still have nightmares. Ironically when I was younger I loved scary movies. There's something about being on your own that changes your perspective. I don't mean alone, I live with my husband, but there's a difference between knowing your parent's will care for your every need to being responsible for everything that happens in your house. Eek. Watching vampires or gross bloody stuff now makes me nearly throw up. Living in the "real world" officially now just makes those things so terrible. Mom and dad aren't there to protect me anymore and I can't stand the thought of going to bed dreaming about some vampire breaking into our house to eat me, no matter how hard Tim may try to beat him/her/it with a baseball bat.

You can tell I differ from the Oscar nominees, because the only ones on the list that make any sense to me are Ratatouille (even though I haven't seen it, but just because I know it's supposed to be clean and a family-friendly film), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (but yes I did have nightmares about that Octopus-looking dude), The Bourne Ultimatum (but yes I did have nightmares about lots of cars hitting each other with me in them), and Transformers (except for one part of that movie... I cannot explain why I liked it but I did). I think it's safe to say my husband is rubbing off on me.

I'd love to see the above movies receive some real attention instead of just some minor nominations, and I'd love to see more romantic comedies on there, but I know that won't happen. Hollywood is definitely not targeting me, as a fairly conservative Christian. I will continue to watch the award shows though, because no matter what, there's always something that intrigues me about the industry. Perhaps it's because I was a communication major and the entire thing is just amazing to me. I appreciate greatly all of those who work so hard behind the scenes and are rarely mentioned. Here's to you guys (er, and girls)!

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