Monday, March 31, 2008

Sherah's Wedding

Our weekend was quite eventful (more coming soon), but the highlight of the weekend was the wedding of one of my coworkers, Sherah. It was absolutely beautiful! I have been to my fair share of weddings, and I'm a wedding planner on the side, and let me tell you... this was one very well-done wedding! It was gorgeous but simple, elegant but laidback. Here are just a few highlights:

Al (my boss), Ted (coworker), & Ted's wife Lois as we waited in the lobby for the reception to start
Al, Justin (Sherah's boss), his daughter, & Ted

Coworkers Jill & Lydia

A large floral display was in the middle of each table

Sherah & Marty greeting Jill

Sherah & Marty laughing with Jill

Sherah & Marty looked just terrific and so happy together

Tim & I at the reception
Coworkers Jill & Erika
Erika & I
Jill, Erika, & I
Erika & Lydia
Sherah & Marty officially announced at the reception
Cake cutting (beautiful and delicious cake!)
Lois & Ted
Justin & daughter - she was so excited to get to do this with daddy
Their first dance
Awwww Us in front of the banquet hall

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