Friday, June 6, 2008

National Donut Day and other stuff

Today is National Donut Day. If you go to a nearby Krispy Kreme, they'll give you a free donut, from what I've heard! (I can't confirm so please don't blame me if the rumor is wrong.)

Sorry I have disappeared for a bit. There hasn't been much I've wanted to talk about, or not anything that I really want to share. Things have been challenging and I'm in an extraordinary amount of pain today, as well as dealing with utter fatigue, stress, and some digestion issues. These are the days where I really lean on God's strength because I have none.

Although I am stressed and tired from the preparations for it, I am really excited about this weekend. My mom arrives today and I'm leaving work early to catch a luxury bus from our church to our church camp in Michigan. I haven't been to our camp yet and I'm really excited to be going with our women's ministry for our spring retreat. The downfall is the temperatures are supposed to be in the mid-80s this weekend, with evening temps still in the 60s/70s. Yuck! I hate the heat. My body handles it worse as time goes on with fibro. I have extreme temperature sensitivities and when I get too hot my face is bright, bright red with sweat just dripping all over and it's so gross. I never used to have that problem. I just can't seem to cool off very well. I carry around one of those portable fans you can buy at Wal-Mart that operates on batteries and is safe because the fan arms are made of felt (or something soft and cushiony similar to felt). That is my favorite new little gadget.

I am really looking forward to seeing our camp, being around godly women in a serene and relaxing environment, and being with my mom for an entire weekend without husbands. I know it will be great, but I'm still nervous anyway. I seem to have anxiety until we get to where we're going to be and then I'm fine. I'm giving it over to the Lord and trying to give all my anxiety over to him. I pray that it'll be a wonderful time, that we'll be safe, and that I'll fully be able to relax and unwind.

I have a prayer request for today: please pray for my dad's close friend Jerry's wife Dawn. She has been battling pancreatic cancer since November. We had dinner at their house in Nov one night, and the next day is when Dawn was going in for tests. I remember the whole thing very clearly. They are such wonderful, amazing people and it's hard to believe that Dawn's life is coming to a close. She has really declined in the past couple of weeks and it looks like she's down to her final days. Please pray for this wonderful family. They are followers of Jesus Christ and they know their hope is beyond this life, but it's still hard to see her life end earlier than we'd expected (although not any earlier than God planned). Pray that they'll continue to lean on God for support and that God would really be with all of them in the coming days and weeks.

My verse for today is actually several verses that my mom prayed for me yesterday. It's 2 Peter 1:5-8. (If you highlight or click on the passage, it'll be displayed for you on the screen.)

I pray that you all have a blessed and wonderful weekend... the first full one in my favorite month of June! :)

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