Sunday, July 20, 2008

Prince Caspian and Ignite Chicago Festival

Friday night we finally went to see Prince Caspian, at one of the last Chicagoland theatre's playing it. The theatre was a $3 one that plays movies that are going out of the bigger theatres. The sound quality was pretty crummy and we both had trouble hearing the conversations between the kids, but otherwise we thought it was pretty good... not great, but good. We are glad we saw it though, and we'll rent it when it comes out on DVD so that we can hear the entire thing.

Yesterday was a very nice, relaxing day. We didn't do much except stay around the house and get some housework caught up on - well, really Tim did that while I spent time on the recliner or in the bathroom... needless to say I didn't feel well yesterday. But thankfully today is much better.

For our anniversary back in June, Tim had gotten us two tickets to the Ignite Chicago Festival today at a baseball field not too far from our house. It was a most-of-the-day event from noon until 10:30 pm but we weren't thrilled about most of the bands earlier in the day, and wanted to save our energy for the ones we really wanted to see. We were there from about 5:30-10 pm to see David Crowder Band, Mercy Me, and Newsboys. They were all three great! We left after only a few songs by the Newsboys just to beat the crowd and get out of the parking lot at a decent time. It was a wonderful time of hearing great bands, worshiping with other believers, and some quality time with my hubby.

We stayed in the stands instead of going onto the field where most people were. After David Crowder, they cranked up the music much louder... and we were nearly covering our ears! Tim looked at me and said "Oh no, we're old foagies!!" :o) We couldn't believe it! We used to love going to concerts and getting into it. Now we are perfectly content to stay in the back and watch & hear from afar! Ah... we're growing up and getting older, indeed. It was a hot, sweaty day and we were layered with sunscreen and mosquito spray. It was crowded everywhere but thankfully not in the stands - we had some room there to spread out and breathe! It was quite an event. We're not sure if we'll go in future years or not, but at the end of the day we did enjoy some quality time together and great music.

Now we are pretty tired and it's time to head off to bed. I hope you and yours had a terrific weekend!

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