Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman's Family Tragedy, in People Magazine

I wouldn't normally advocate purchasing People magazine (due to its Hollywood gossip and often raunchy pictures), but this week I think it just might be a must! I admit I purchased it but am glad that I did!

Beginning on page 64, you will find full page spreads honoring the memory of Maria Sue Chapman. Steven Curtis, his wife Mary Beth, other children, and Will Franklin (the sibling who accidentally struck her with the SUV in their driveway) are all interviewed in this week's People. It is a touching, endearing, tear-jerking interview but also a very honest and real one. I feel like I've come to know them better in these months since Maria's death, and I feel their pain so deeply even though I never knew Maria personally.

I greatly respect the Chapman family, and even more so now. I highly recommend you read this. It is also available on People's website but only a portion of it and without the wonderful family photos. I don't want to include the link here because there are even more raunchy photos on the website that I do not want to link to my blog. If you purchase the magazine, you can just turn straight to page 64 without even looking at the rest of it (although I admit there's also a touching tribute to Bernie Mac somewhere in the middle).

Just thought you may want to know! But you need to pick it up today because next week, they'll probably all be gone.

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Julie V. said...


I've been waiting for that magazine to come out for that very purpose. I've been following the Champman's via their blog (that Steven's manager updates daily). Dr. Dobson just interviewed Steven Curtis Chapman and it's going to be aired for 3 days next week on Focus On The Family.

I feel the same way you do with following their family and ministry after such a tragic accident. I do feel like I know them personally. It's like the entire body of Christ has been personally impacted by the loss of Maria. It's so neat to see God getting glory as the Chapman family point people to the Lord for their source of comfort and strength to continue.