Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We are pretty boring people this weekend. We were so excited that we didn't have anyone coming to visit and that we weren't traveling to visit anyone. No offense to those of you this may include, but we've had a really busy year so we're thankful for a 3-day weekend to rest, relax, and unwind. It has been great! We have been lazy and have enjoyed every second!

It has also given us a chance to catch up on some house stuff that has fallen behind during our busy year. One thing Tim did this weekend was to install a new light fixture in our dining room, which included a ceiling fan. It is great! Thank you Lowe's!

Here are a couple pictures before....

and here are some after....

Isn't he just the best?!?! :o) I feel so blessed. God is good and we are thankful for a nice weekend. Despite my pain issues off and on this weekend, it has been a good one. Now we enter another preparation week before my mom and stepdad come to visit next weekend. We are looking forward to it, but are still grateful for a weekend to slow down.

I hope you and yours also enjoyed this wonderful weekend.

Also, please be praying now for all those effected by Hurricane Gustav in the Gulf Coast.

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