Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fibro Update & Celebrity Apprentice

::::skip to the 4th paragraph if you haven't watched Celebrity Apprentice yet, are wanting to, and don't want to know who was fired::::

Okay, first things first... I'm really mad right now. I just got done watching "Celebrity Apprentice" which I've never watched in the past. I only watched it this year because of Scott Hamilton... one of the most selfless, talented, loving, and amazing athletes/people that I'm aware of and one of my absolute favorite athletes ever.

I believe Tom Green purposefully derailed Scott every step of the way, and Mr. Trump didn't listen or understand the full reality of what happened behind the scenes. If he didn't fire Hershel last week, he definitely shouldn't have fired Scott this week. Yes perhaps Scott should have done more and should have changed the name of their comic book character to something Z-related, but the reality is Tom was a mess. He drove me nuts!! He derailed the entire team and Scott especially, and I think he's a real jerk. This show certainly shows us the real sides of some stars. It's sad that one of the best had to go. Ughhhhh.

Normally I don't do this on my blog... but I just had to defend Scott and say how mad I am about all of that right now. It's too bad it went down the way it did, and now "Celebrity Apprentice" just lost 2 viewers as a result. Easy come, easy go... it's their loss. They lost Scott. They lost us.

So on to my life now...

It's been an interesting week/weekend. Our house was an utter disaster and desperately needed an excuse to get an overhaul and be fully cleaned. We spent this past week cleaning like crazy, all the way up until our friends arrived around 2 pm yesterday for some scrapbooking and video games. Just for the record, it was totally worth all the cleaning. And whew... what a relief to have the house clean now. It feels so great!! Plus now all we have to do is keep it clean this week and it's all ready for dad's visit next weekend... sweet!

It was TONNNNNSSSSSSS of fun!! Brian & Monica are dear, sweet, wonderful people whom we just adore and have so much fun with.
Because of the time change and already being a bit tired, today we decided to sleep in and go to the later church service at 11:15. I'm certainly able to understand the desire years ago for a time change... given that I grew up on a farm and understand farmer's needs for this... but I'm not always certain it's still so necessary nowadays. I know in general farmer's still prefer it, but overall our country is changing and I wonder about its need. Personally, I struggle with it physically. There's something about just even one hour changing in my internal clock that utterly wreaks havoc on my system. The fibro hates it. And I'm so fatigued. I even fell asleep during a great movie this afternoon for nearly 45 minutes... and that was after 10 hours of sleep overnight (with a lot of tossing & turning in there though).
Do you other fibro sufferers notice this is a big deal and you struggle for 3-4 weeks for your internal system to work it's way back to your normal?

I could barely walk all day. I could barely stand during worship or afterward talking with friends. We went to two stores after church, in which both I was sure I was going to collapse. I didn't stay in the car because of all the storms that had been rolling through. By the time I was leaving Wal-Mart to get in the car Tim was pulling up to the door... I had sat on a bench near the door. Shortly after getting up, a lady with a grocery cart was determined to get past me, so much so that she rammed me aside in her hurry to get out the door.


You do not do that, people!! Really? How much of a hurry must you be in that you can't be polite to people?! As soon as I got in the car, I started balling and I didn't really stop until sometime after getting home. It was awful. And I was steaming mad.

And I just couldn't help but want so badly to feel normal and be normal again.

{Bless Tim's heart, he has put up with a lot from me today!! I love you honey!}

I was in soooooo much pain, I could barely move. I could barely breathe. Every bump in the car hurt (and there were a lot since there were deep puddles everywhere because of the pouring/intense rain all day, so it was hard to see any potholes). Every move I made hurt. I was getting quickly irritable. I have been on the couch or recliner most of the day since getting home around 2 pm.

It's been a weird, long, painful, agonizing day... but to God be the glory! Great things he has done and continues to do!!


~~Deby said...

I know this pain...oh my shopping used to be so it is getting to be WORK, especially grocery is so rough..and I have left the store with tears coming down my cheeks..
oh to be normal...think it will be in Heaven.

Sarakastic said...

I too always have trouble with the time change, the fibromyalgia just doesn't understand why I have to wake up earlier.