Monday, April 6, 2009

Update and Giveaway Winner

I apologize for my quietness, but I wanted the pain study/giveaway to remain at the top of my blog since it was such hard work.

Admittedly I was very discouraged that it didn't turn out better. From all appearances, it looks like ultimately no one posted anything on their own blogs about pain or starting a discussion about beds, sleep, pain, and how it all possibly relates. Since no one did it... there's no winner to announce.....

I had really hoped to read a bunch of blogs and hear some neat insights, but instead I'm feeling discouraged and down. Wondering if the work I do on this blog has any merit whatsoever... and is it worth it for the minimal energy that I have? I'm not sure. It's also got me re-thinking how I handle this blog and if I want it to solely become a Fibro blog and I get rid of everything else. I'm just not sure. I'm thinking. One thing I do know is contests don't work for me and I won't be doing them again.

We ended up going away for the weekend to my hometown and saw my family. It was a great weekend, but it was also very busy, and a tense and scary drive home in blinding sleet and white-out snow conditions. I cannot imagine how my husband is even functioning today after such a tense drive. God bless him!!! Tim you are amazing! I was so tense that my body even today is not recovering! I've decided to take a personal day and am at home to recoup from the weekend. And then a coworker reminded me that this is Easter week and we have Friday off!!! Duh! I just hadn't put the two together. So now I have a 3 day week - sweeettttttt!! I am in dire need of such a week and am excited to have this. :)

On a Fibro-specific note, I called my previous doctor's office (she left in February) to see if the new doc replacing her has any experience with Fibro or any Lyme disease testing. If not, I think this might be a good opportunity for me to look around and seek a different doctor. The only benefit of course to sticking with this one is that it's in the same office so they know my history. With all my issues, seeking new doctors when I liked the one I had is far from exciting. But alas, that's how it goes and I need to figure out the next steps soon.

I'm tired... I'm going for now and will try to post more later....


blueviolet said...

I'm sorry nobody posted something relative to your contest. I saw the post but I truly have no insight to share so I couldn't participate.

That must have been terrifying driving in those conditions. We didn't get any snow here. We lucked out.

Rochelle said...

No worries blueviolet. :) It's okay. Thanks for reading. :) I wasn't trying to make anyone feel bad... really... just had to be honest that no one won and that I was discouraged, but it's really okay. That's the way it goes... I tested the waters and this didn't pan out. On to the next thing! :)