Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things I Like Tuesday

This past weekend we went traveling to see my family in my hometown several hours from here, and I took some pictures that immediately I knew I had to put on my blog. I'm debating about whether or not to continue with these, but for at least right now I will.

I like the traffic I grew up in. Getting stuck in traffic for me growing up was getting stuck like this:
I miss that! So every time we're down there, I beg Tim to let me drive around since I find it sooooooooo much more peaceful than Chicagoland traffic!!

Ahhhhhh. Pure bliss.
I don't mind the smell cows make.... whenever we pass this I breathe in the fresh country air while hubster gags and nearly vomits. This time since I was driving, he took the picture for me, and without thinking rolled down the window for a better picture. He snapped the pic and then started gagging and saying "what was I thinking?!?! why did I roll down the window?!?!" We were both rolling with laughter from his stupidity... all the while I thought the fresh air smelled good... ha ha!

I love small towns. I don't know if I'd want to live in or outside of one now, but I love them. This is where I grew up and it's my kind of town!

Silos are awesome sights. They remind me so much of my childhood.
There's just something very homey about them to me.

Corn fields. I could be standing in the middle of a corn field and feel completely at peace and like all is right with the world.

I grew up somewhat close to the town that is home to this company and I always try to wave at the drivers even if they look back at me like I'm nuts. I can't help but get excited when I see these trucks!!! :) Plus my best friend's dad used to work for them so I'd always try to spot him too.

Hope you've enjoyed getting to know me a little better and I hope you have a great Tuesday!!


blueviolet said...

I admit it all looks really peaceful. I'm from a small town too with a lot of agriculture. The difference for me is that I hate it.

Future of Hope said...

Oh, Rochelle, you gave me a glimpse of bittersweet homesickness for Adams County!

I must admit that I love, love, LOVE small-city life compared to life in the suburbs. Even a visit to Wal-Mart is fun, and I often carry on at least one or two conversations with people at the checkout line, something that NEVER happened up north!
I am not the best at posting, but I DO read your blogs, and you are a great encouragement to me.
I MISS YOU!!!!!!