Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tribute to My Beloved

I didn't know you 32 years ago when you were born
at 12:13 am on April 7th, 1977,
I didn't know that you were meant for me
I wasn't even born yet
I didn't know what God had planned for us
until you were 23 years old
when we married and it was set in stone
you were meant for me
and I was meant for you

You are my beloved

I cannot imagine my life without you
You have sacrificed so much for me
as we walk this Fibro journey together
You've fought for me when I couldn't fight for myself
and you've carried me when I could not carry myself
You've lead me in God's ways
walked with me through the happy times
and cried with me in the bad times
You've been with me in the highest of highs
and the lowest of lows

You are the best friend I've ever had

You make me laugh

You make me groan

You put up with and help with my family very graciously
You adore my bestest (girl) friend and her family
and have welcomed her like the sister I know her as
You drive me through a lot of storms and help guide me during the scary times, and you help remind me that God is always with us and there's no reason to be scared... even in white-out storm conditions that totally freak me out...

You quite simply make the world a better place
with your smile, laugh, sense of humor,
sweetness, godliness, and love.

Thanks for being you!


p.s. all pics are from this past weekend... I was too tired to hunt old pics down...

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Cinda Crawford said...

It's good to see you and your sweetie laughing & enjoying life. We all need more of that. I admire what you're doing here and really appreciate the positive message of your website. I pay tribute to you and hope to be included within your sphere of influence :-))
Cinda Crawford, host of the Health Matters Show at http://www.healthmattersshow.com