Friday, August 7, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Some fun, delightful pictures from this past weekend to share with you (just a tidbit; hope to share more over the weekend)...

Niece Olivia & Hubby Tim being silly
Olivia having a blast... in the rain... on the slide... she went really fast!! Blame Grandpa.Olivia, me, CayleyNiece Olivia with "niece" (best friend's daughter) Eve, roaming through the mudThe little rascals :)And that's it for now. I feel fabulously awful and will be surprised if I make it through the entire day at work. I was fine this morning. Seemingly hit by a truck this afternoon, ughh. Don't know where this overwhelming fatigue, extreme pain, terrible brain fog, and sluggishness came from. Might have something to do with pushing myself some this week.
Oh, to be normal... {{sigh}}

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melanie said...

thank you so much for the encouraging comment! i am thankful for readers like you. how did you find me anyway (melanie(dot)myatt(at)gmail(dot)com)?

i'm sorry to hear about your suffering. i have quite a few friends with fibro actually. i know what a trial it can be. thank you for staying positive about it.

where in chicago do you live? what publisher do you work for? (we are always looking for publishing connections!--i'm not trying to sound stalkerish!)

thanks again for your comments!