Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello Football, Goodbye Husband

I love football. Kind of.

I love it like I love watching movies. We're together, enjoying our time together, cheering on our team (da Bears!), etc. I love it because it's more fast-paced and enjoyable for me than baseball and basketball. And because, well, I just do.


There goes my hubster. It means months of excitement & energy given to keeping up with the Bears. Months of ignoring me when I talk. Months of him saying "uh? what'd you say?" Months of him looking dumb-founded when I tell him that what we're discussing is something I'd told him previously. Yes, when he was watching a game. But if I waited til he wasn't watching a game, I'd forget it or it'd be pointless or it'd never happen cuz he's always watching a game.....


Sidetrack... do any of you GET pre-season? I mean, really? Is it necessary? I just do not get it. I think it's lame. Hubster explains it to me. I scratch my head. I don't get the point. The games don't count.

That's lame.

Anyway... do you enjoy football season? Do you have the same feeling you're not going to talk as much with your hubster in the coming months as you do the rest of the year?

Don't leave me hanging here alone, please! :)

**This story has a little added drama for effect. It's really not thattttt bad. Just kinda.


Vikki G said...

I have learned to keep hubby company while he watches the games..usually. But gotta have the snacks for me that is a part of it..but I do not understand pre-season...I do not understand my hubby's devotion to the Dolphins! Here's to another football season~

Deb said...

Sorry gals...I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!!!
I understand pre-season...don't enjoy the games as much as regular and post-season. And Super Bowl is a holiday at our house. My husband knows not to invite anyone over to watch the SB unless they are into football as much as I am. I will not entertain another wife while the guys watch the SB. My only problem is getting excited at the boob tube, exhausting myself and making my muscles tense. Go Bears!

Sherah said...

This is hilarious Rochelle! I was just thinking today about how dumb pre-season football is. Just another chance for the new QB's amd receivers to get injured. So silly!