Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous Friday

It's rainy, gloomy, dark, and depressing around here today. So thanks to Einstein Bros. Bagels "Free Bagel Fridays" ending today, I got myself a free bagel and brought in a bucket full of them for my coworkers too. Hope to help in bringing some rays of sunshine to an otherwise bleak, dull day!

So on this dreary Friday, I thought I'd bring on a bit of a Things I Like post even though it's not Tuesday, and even though I haven't done one of those in forever.... I need some positive thoughts today!

I like family...

I like toddlers and teenagers...

I like new babies on the way...
(seriously, any day now lil' nephew... hurry up!)

I like sunrises...
(just wish they happened before I left for work!)

 I like taking lunch breaks to drive around
the gorgeous town where I work, taking Fall pictures,
breathing in the fresh/crisp air, having strangers stare at me
like I'm a total weirdo for having a camera, and just soaking
in the absolute beauty and peace.
Slow down sweet Fall!!! 

I like bagels. A lot. My nutritionist doesn't.
Oh well. I'll work it off tonight.

Have a Fabulous Friday everyone!!

Bagel photo courtesy of Foto Search


DebV said...

I enjoyed your post. We have such frustration in our daily lives, we need times when we can appreciate things around us. I know since being diagnosed with FM I appreciate more little things. Your photos show me a place where I'd like to be. My husband does alot of photography. You can look at his work at
Enjoy the rest of your Friday!

Godsgirlnga said...

Hi Rochelle!!!
Please say a prayer for me, I go to my first Rheumatoid appt on Thursday, Im a little nervous but I need a diagnosis. My dr upped my Cymbalta to 60mg twice a day and Im feeling a little better but still in some pain. I read your story about Fibro and IM there....thanks for writing me the other day!!!