Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Being part Irish, I love Ireland. It'd be my dream vacation someday. Thanks to Rich Mullins mostly. So many of his music videos had Ireland in them. So beautiful.

I also love this holiday. I don't do anything to celebrate it except wear green and bring a treat to work. I haven't seen them dye the Chicago River green. I haven't gone to parades. Growing up where I did, the only ongoing tradition was to wear green and if you didn't, you'd get pinched.

So you can imagine how it baffled me when I found out hubster had never heard of this tradition. It was part of every St. Patrick's Day I had through college. Did you have this tradition? Have you never heard of that/done that before?

Of course, given that most people around me now do not pinch each other if not wearing green, I don't enforce this tradition...instead just quietly saying to myself "ohhh, he/she forgot to wear green" and giggle to myself.

What traditions do you have to celebrate this day? 

Also please check out this great article at The Resurgence on Saint Patrick.

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Christina T said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I did not wear green today but I went to the library where all the staff wore green including my friend Connie who wore fake green braids which clashed magnificently with her bright red hair. They looked like they were having fun with it and no one threatened to pinch me.

Since I am not Irish I do not celebrate although I might be doing a post today about books I like that are set in Ireland. We shall see if I have the time. The day's more than half gone anyway. I have decided that I would like to visit Ireland too after seeing a program on it hosted by Bobby Flay. For one thing unlike Mexico or India I know I'd like the local food and be able to eat at least some of it. They love potatoes and so do I. :) Plus it's the home of Enya.

I hope you enjoy your St. Patrick's Day.