Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going Natural, Part 1

It's taking me quite a bit of time to adjust to the nutrition changes that my dietician recommends. I had no idea going into it that the changes would be so drastic. I thought it was just the typical: eat fewer carbs, watch your calories and fat, keep track of what you're eating, watch the sweets & soda, drink oodles of water, exercise regularly, etc.

Was I way off!

My dietician believes firmly in eating all-natural, lean, organic when possible, whole wheat, nitride-free, pesticide-free, preservative-free, no hydrogenated or palm oils, no high fructose corn syrup, no trans fats, etc. She does want me to still enjoy food and still eat things I want to on occasion, but to making healthier choices overall.

She especially believes all this stuff for me... someone with Fibro. I've been amazed to learn from her the sorts of things that can contribute to Fibro pain. {More about that in a later post.} I've been amazed at how dramatically I've been changing what I eat. I still have a longgg way to go, but I've made huge strides. My biggest thing is still the soda. I've come off it 2 or 3 times in the past 9 months, but every time I just go back to it out of boredom.

Hello, my name is Rochelle, and I'm a soda-aholic. 

My dietician was really helpful the other night when she reminded me that I WILL get there. I think I've just spent so much time beating myself up over it that I'm not allowing myself to actually get there. So, enough of that. I'm going to concentrate on some other things right now, and as I change these other things, I'm sure the soda will go away too.

Below are some of my latest changes:

And this is a change I still haven't attempted yet. I bought it. It's waiting for me. We'll see.

*No, I didn't receive any money or free items for showing you any of these brands.*

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Future of Hope said...

Wow! Many of those items on your list are in our cupboard now (Sadly, not the hot dogs. I need to find a "healthy" hot dog choice around here for the boys!)
One thing both Nat and I miss is Trader Joes. They had fairly reasonable prices on their organic foods. We especially miss all their great cereals, juices, and frozen food selections.
Hang in there, dear!