Saturday, April 10, 2010

Losing It, Week 7

I really do think I've lost my sanity this week. I am not holding up altogether too well.

I'm sure that comes as no big surprise. 

On a plus side, I think I was able to pull off some decent stuff for hubster's birthday after all. We'll just say his birthday lasted for two days and I'm off the hook. :)

I've been back to really struggling with my Fibro. Like the "why me, why this, why now?" kind of stuff. I'm listening right now to my pastor giving a live webcast from an event in NC about trials. I've heard him speak on this before. But it's really hitting me where I need it right now.

I am still learning a lot... working out and working on nutrition. I had hoped to lose 20 pounds during this 10 week challenge. I know now that's not going to happen. But I am making changes. Sometimes I get frustrated with how slow it seems to be going. But I know that it's happening this way for a reason and I just have to stop fighting it and do the best that I can.


Lynn-Marie said...

don't ever give up your weight loss goals...i have 20 pounds to go also!!
I suffer from alot of the why me's too....

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Hang in there, girl! You can do this (all of it)! I just know it!