Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Guessing Game

Where Was I Yesterday? 

And again?

The first person to get one or both of these right, wins!

But uh...

There's not really a prize for this... just the satisfaction of knowing you were right. :) And maybe I'll brag about your blog a bit!

Hubster and co-workers are ineligible. Bloggy friends on Facebook and Twitter who heard me talk about it are also ineligible.

I know, I'm so picky.... 


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

The first one looks like it could be Ikea. At least the colors are right. The second one could be anywhere! Taco Bell?

Rochelle said...

Yes! Excellent guess Kayren. :) IKEA it is. I just couldn't blur the colors and still have it guessable. ;)

The other one... well it's kind of ironic. My close friends & family really should get it if they think about it, but I won't let them guess, so they be stuck! ;) Here's a clue... it's one of my fav fast food places. And the pictures I took are all about the fact that I was SO STOKED to be at one of them that had a drive thru!! Most don't. This one did. I think I cheered loud enough for the whole town to hear. Woot, woot! :)