Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Going Natural, Part 3

I never thought I'd like hummus. Now I love it. I had no idea what I was eating was "cheese product" not actual cheese!!! DOH! I had no idea all-natural peanut butter had to be refrigerated. Now it tastes 100% better than the last time I tried it. I'm amazed at how much I like the whole wheat breads, pitas, and bagels now that I'm getting used to them. The only thing I can't get used to is whole wheat hot dog & hamburger buns, but I'm working to get there. The cereals I can eat are not very exciting. I'm trying, but it's rough. I haven't tried the organic jelly yet, and it's been ages since I've actually eaten tuna, but I'll try to get to those soon.

After today's earlier post, I was in the mood for spaghetti. I was nervous about trying the Dreamfields spaghetti my dietician had recommended to me, because all whole wheat pastas are gross to me. This spaghetti was just as good as the bad-for-you white stuff!! I was amazed. Now I can still eat my spaghetti and love it. Yay! :)


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