Monday, May 10, 2010

More Mom Talk and "Where Is God?"

I wanted to explain a couple more things really quickly about the Mother's Day thing.... Despite what I said originally, I did force myself to go to church. I don't blame other ladies for not going on that day, but my heart was genuinely not right with God and I knew it. I needed to be at church, where he convicted me of this very thing, and a few other things. I got to be an encourager to other moms while there {and fought through hiding how I was feeling down; it was so freeing to express myself to others I loved}, got to hug and love on moms in my life, talked with several moms on the phone during the day, relaxed and hung out with hubby and had some really special time together, babysat last night for my friend Monica so she could get out and celebrate with her hubby, and I enjoyed so much being with my baby buddy Parker who is the closest thing I have to a kid of my own. And God really got ahold of me about some things this weekend.

So while I knew I needed not to feel sorry for myself, I still got choked up and cried while the other moms stood up and were prayed over during church. That is the moment I hate the most, and yet appreciate the most because I know it's special to the moms. And I know I wasn't the only one struggling through it. I tried to focus on the moms I know and how grateful I am to all of them. I tried to think of my single friends who want to be married and have kids. I don't want to take what I have for granted. I want to be a good friend, not someone who just says "woe is me; look at what I'm going through". I really want you guys to be able to use this in your own life and learn from my mistakes.

This is a place where I want to be real and transparent, let God's light shine through me, and use this as a place where us human being sinners can see God's grace and faithfulness in all things... whether we're complaining about our husbands or kids or life in general, talking about chronic illness, discussing ideas, sharing pictures, giving glory to God, or talking about our depression... It has truly been such a blessing to me to be able to share my life on this blog. Thank you for being here for me, listening to me, encouraging me, praying with me, loving on me, and helping to spread the word so more people can learn about Fibromyalgia.

I appreciate you all so much!!


This old song, Where is God?, by Church of Rhythm always struck a cord with me. It has again today as I've faced a difficult afternoon and the late day shlump of getting depressed, tired, feeling frustrated, being rocked by physical pain, etc. Whether you are facing a major trial, a minor one, or just a difficult circumstance, I hope these words are an encouragement to you too.

Where Is God?:
You can listen to it on YouTube {video is a little cheesy; better for just listening to the lyrics}

He can't stand the fighting anymore
He goes to his room, he shuts the door
And somewhere a father and a mother talk about divorce again
She's been missing since last May
She would have turned 13 today
And somewhere a father and I say a prayer for his little girl

Where is God in all of this
Where is my faith in all of this
Where are the answers, to help me live through this

Maybe I'm a doubting Thomas
Maybe I've a skeptic's heart
If I can't believe that everything can be Jesus-talked away
And I know God is real
And I need Him more than I need any slogan
God be real to me, and heal this darkness in my faith

Where is God in all of this
Where is my faith in all of this
Where are the answers, to help me live through this

I may not understand, but there is God
I may feel alone, but I have God
I may not believe, but through it all He's still my God

There is God in all of this
There is my faith in all of this
There are the answers to help me live through this 


And finally I leave you with a picture that is more delightful to me than words can fully express. Today I got to share lunch with my dear friends Monica and Sherah along with their little babes. They are all sooo precious to me, and it was especially dear to my heart to be able to share this time with them right after Mother's Day. These ladies rock my little world, and they are both such fabulous first-time moms, I have learned a TON from both of them, and I soaked in every moment I got to share with them.



Patrina said...

I love the way you express yourself! Such an easy read - as if you were sitting across teh table from me and just sharing your heart. thanks for sharing and God bless your heart for being real with yourself and those He places in your circle of influence.

Blessings ~ Patrina <")>><
His watchman on the wall

Sherah said...

Rochelle, you are such a precious friend :)

DebV said...

Thank you for your honesty Rochelle. We all have things in our life that we cope with and being able to share them in our blogs is sooo helpful. You are in my prayers. Hugs

Sarakastic said...

Mothers Day is always rough for me for exactly the same reason and the older I get the harder it becomes. However, a lot of moms I know also have a hard time on mother's day just because they feel guilty or unappreciated I think all around it's a tough day for women even though it's supposed to be exactly the opposite.

Patrina said...

"God be real to me, and heal this darkness in my faith"

I came back for a second read...and this line spoke to me.

May I offer a prayer for you?

Lord, I don't know this dear soul, but you do. You know everything about her. You know the depth of her sorrow and pain. You know the plans that you have for her. You knew her before she was ever born. You wrote your purpose into the fabric of her life. Your plan is perfect. Your thots are not our thots and your ways are higher than our ways. I just lift Rochelle up to you this day and ask that your perfecr will be done on earth in her life as it is in heaven.

She desires children, no news to you, Lord. She does not understand why this desire leaves her empty handed - void of children in her arms...nor do we, Lord.

I pray a peace that passeth all eartly understanding - come to her, through your touch. Bless her , Lord, and keep her. Make your face to shine upon her. Be gracious unto her and give her your peace.

Bless her with FAVOR, Lord. Weave your heart's desire for her into the tapestry of her life. If it is your perfect plan for her life that she be with child...then make it so. Remove whatever obstacle might be standing in her way. Clear the path, Lord Jesus, for the blessing of children upon Rochelle's life and marriage.

We give you praise for all you have done and are doing in and through her beautiful personhood.

Thank you, Lord that we can come to you with our heart's desires and know that we are heard. thank you for caring anbout everything that concerns us, Lord.

Comfort Rochelle, in her darkness. Shine your LIFE into her ...and chase the darkness away. Shine Jesus shine, let the whole world see your GLORY in Rochelle..this I humbly pray...Amen

offered by
Patrina <")>><
His watchman on the wall