Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Reminiscing

There were late nights. Long talks. Food. Laughs. Tears. Hugs. Challenging each other. Lifting each other up in prayer. Sobs. Hysterical laughing. Advice. Fears addressed. Concerns conquered. Shopped til we literally dropped. Bought some fun stuff and some fake bling bling to make ourselves feel pretty. Hung out in Barnes & Noble reading books on the floor. Played with puppies. Got into some confusing miscommunication with people at an Asian massage place, oops. Walked along the riverfront on a gorgeous evening. Found ourselves. Discovered what we are and are not capable of. Jammed to music {like the we're gonna kinda headbang and dance around and look like we're cool even though we know we aren't, we just don't care cuz it's fun kind}. Introduced friends to each other. Laughed even more. Had a total blast. Overcome with emotion. Feeling blessed. And wanting it to never end but knowing it had to.

Goofing off at the mall. 

Um, yikes. I love this woman but she has strange tastes, I gotta say.


She has an obsession with off-the-wall jewelry.
But she looks really good in it too. She kept trying to get me to buy some.
We'll come back to this later.

Yum, Chinese food at the mall food court.

I hope my nutritionist isn't reading this.

My fake bling bling.

Our city has a beautiful river that runs right through the heart of it. We went to the riverwalk and hung out at a park as the sun was setting. It was beautiful and perfect temps!

And we had to take some fun pics of each other in our new shirts and jewelry :)

I can't decide if I like this picture.

Have I ever told you my friend Monica is completely in love with geese? Where do I find these crazy people?

Notice her necklace? I love that she loved it...

...but then we got home and she put it on me to see how it'd look. 
You can see we have a difference of opinion.

On Sunday after church we met Brian, Monica, and Parker at Best Buy where they had to have some stereo something done on their car, and Tim wanted to get a new cell phone.

When we first went to put our arms around each other for this pic, Parker literally put his arm around me and leaned in. It had to have been the sweetest moment ever. It was sooo cute!! :)


My two best friends
{qualifiers: outside of God and family}
The two girls I feel most comfortable with and who are both totally like sisters I never had. It was soooo much fun and so special to me to have this time introducing them to each other and being in their presence at the same time. I felt sooo blessed.

You can see we have no problem all being goofy together :)

A moment after our goofy picture.
He was like "um...mama...?? whacha doin'?" 

Terrific food.
Even better company.

Saying goodbye
It was really hard. We had such a great time.
This happens so rarely and it was so special. I have a million memories from this weekend that will last a lifetime.

And the bloopers...
I love these girls sooo much!


The Ordinary Vegetarian said...

You and Tracy remind me of Jenny and I. Shopping with her, I always shocked at what she likes, and I can never get her to agree with my awesome taste in apparel. Looks like a fun weekend. I love the all goofy together pic, so funny! Something about that arrangement really accentuates the height difference :)

Future of Hope said...

Awwww . . .
I am so glad that both of you had a wonderful weekend together!
Isn't it precious to have godly, Christian friendships? Praise our Father for our bond in Him and the unique love of Christianity that deepens our friendships.