Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things I DISLike Tuesday

Normally I focus on positives today, but I had to do a humorous dislike post instead!

1. I DISlike my 2nd bedroom's wall border. We haven't done anything with it yet because the hope is this will one day be a baby room. So why not wait until we know what colors we want it to be, and be in the process of having a baby before doing anything with it? Well, it's been longer than we'd expected... so maybe it's time to make this stuff go away once and for all.

2. I DISlike our 2nd bathroom. Remember this post?

3. I DISlike our master bedroom carpet. This room was BRIGHT pink when we bought the house. We painted the walls but never got rid of the carpet. It's the newest and nicest carpet in the house. It feels nice under our feet. But good grief, it needs to go. And, ahem, pretend not to notice the dust on the floor... thank you.

4. I DISlike my hair when it air dries. But I get compliments on it {like this weekend from Tracie}. I don't understand this. It looks like I put on a mop, does it not?

5. I DISlike when my nephews try to hide from me so I can't get their faces in a picture. I will get you Daniel!

Bwahahaha! Gotcha!

Happy Tuesday!! :)

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