Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Healing Begins - Tenth Avenue North

I've been thinking a lot about sin, confession, grace, love, and kindness.

As I've been dealing with some things lately, I like to find songs that really speak to my soul. That leave an impact on me. The song Healing Begins by Tenth Avenue North is one of those songs.

I've been thinking about this group lately because one of my coworker's is good friends with one of the band members. As we started talking recently about their concert in the area next week, I found out this coworker might be able to introduce me to them. Even this possibility has me probably a little too giddy. So I've been keeping up with them even more than usual.

This morning on the way to work I heard part of an interview on K-Love Radio with Mike from Tenth Avenue North. He said some things that really struck me deeply. As I was trying to find that interview online {doesn't appear to be yet}, I ran across this video instead, and was tremendously blessed by it.

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Sydney said...

I love this song. End of story. Especially the first lines. Oh my gosh. It's like, my life rolled into one. Beautiful :)