Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running on Empty

I did a little experimenting this weekend with my car's gas tank. I've only had the light come on one other time before and that was when I was near a gas station. I knew this weekend that I was running low and doing so out in the country, but also not super far from a gas station. My stepdad or my brother would be only 10 minutes away, so I wasn't worried if I ran out. And I knew that technically my car could go for another 60 miles after the light came on...and since the line wasn't quite all the way to the end I figured I was safe.

But that still didn't change my gripping of the wheel and feverish praying that God would get me to the station. Because you really never know just how much to trust those tanks and gauges.

I feel the same way right now in my emotional and spiritual state.

I know I'm running close to empty. I know that without positioning myself closely with God, I'm going to quickly hit the fully empty line and I'll run out of steam completely.

But for now as life is super chaotic and barely having a chance to even breathe, I am gripping the wheel, holding on for dear life, and praying for God to give me strength and endurance to get through this busy season...even though I know I'm not putting enough gas into my tank.

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