Friday, September 3, 2010

A Year Ago

A year ago this Labor Day weekend, I was buying this. Then it did this (but thankfully no other issues since!).

A year ago this month I found my new favorite album & song. I ordered the vinyl autographed album as a result of this video.

A year ago last month I joined the gym. A year ago this month I joined Team Weight Loss which really got me integrated into things at the gym, got me to know some people, and hooked me up with my current awesome trainer!

One year later Hello Football, Goodbye Husband strikes again.

This year I'm traveling this weekend. Hubster is staying home. I'm spending it at my friend's house, helping her pack and move. Call me crazy, but I love helping people pack up their homes. The organizer in me is a bit of a control-freak about it. I love it. I'm craving time with her, with my mom, with my brother, with my nieces. Ultimately though, this trip is all about my friend. Girl time.

Can't wait to hit the road this afternoon!

I hope you all have a terrific, relaxing, fun-filled, sun-filled, extraordinary Labor Day weekend!

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Sydney said...

You as well!!! Have fun packing, in that crazy way :)