Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Overnight Babysitting Gig

Would you please lift up a prayer for me? Tomorrow I leave work a little early to head over to my friend's house to babysit Parker {you know, the closest thing I have to a kid}. It'll be our first overnight and their first time of being away from him for 24 hours. Always before he's been nursing so overnights they've taken when family have been in town have just been quick overnighters. This time they are going all out, leaving me and the little man to a full 24 hours together! Whoop whoop!

I'm naturally a nervous person and a worrier, so of course I have those nagging concerns like holy cow, I'm entirely responsible for another human being but ultimately, I am super excited!!! Parker & I have spent some precious time together the past couple weeks, so I'm not worried about him not being comfortable with me or anything like that. For example, when Monica popped in with him on Tuesday to surprise us, Parker reached out for me to take him and immediately snuggled up against me. If that isn't just the sweetest thing ever, I don't know what is.

I am truly amazed sometimes at how it's possible for me to love a child soooo much that isn't my own, and isn't even a blood relative, but oh my gosh. I am so in love with that kiddo. {And his parents too, well... duh. My love for him is a natural extension of my love for them.}

Anyway, I can't wait! But would you say a prayer for me? I have had an exhausting, long-houred week at work and am a bit fearful of how my Fibro is going to do. I'm sure it'll be fine and I can rest on Sunday, but as always, prayers are appreciated!

And of course, who can end a post like this without pictures?! So here's one of me today at lunch with Parker and his buddy Charlie. The following picture is me with their moms - two of my dearest friends, Monica & Sherah {I was blessed enough to work with both of them for two plus years and I am so thankful - these are some amazing women!!}, and I just think it's so great when we can all get together to hang. :) Love you girls!

Now off to packing I go for my shindig with Parker tomorrow night, yayyy!!


Sydney said...

Cute photos!! And I have always wanted to know how to spell shindig... NOW I know!

Carol said...

You truly are a blessing for so many...