Monday, November 22, 2010

Living Where I Live

I'm thankful for shelter. A home. A roof over our heads.

A comfortable home where we feel safe, secure, loved, and protected.

I realize not everyone has that and I am grateful every day for the resources granted to us to be able to live here.

I know I've complained before about my 45-minute each way commute. But I truly am thankful for the blessing of our house, the blessing of a job I love, coworkers who are like family, a church that is like a second home, and friends in the area that we love dearly.

Yesterday when I was hosting and leading our women's Bible study, God gently reminded me that I might not be part of this study with these wonderful ladies if I didn't live here. They both live 5-10 minutes from me. So despite my lack of desire to live where I live, God has been reminding me there are good reasons for it. He provided it, I should stop doubting.

I still hope we won't live so far from work too much longer {Tim's commute is an hour plus each way, the same general direction as me}, but I know God is in control. I won't complain anymore. And it's times like yesterday with my Bible study ladies that I think I can find ways to get used to the drive if it means sharing these special memories.

Our dining room as I prepared lunch
Why not soak up an excuse to use our china?!
My mom's Polynesian chicken recipe cooking away for several hours in the oven while we were at church, along with some potatoes
Mmmm this is good chicken! Paired with baked potatoes and green beans it's even better!
Dessert was peanut butter/Reese's Pieces bars
Aren't they just a hoot?
Renee already had her coat on before I begged for a picture, so we ran with it. She's such a riot. We are all 3 talkers and loud laughers, we always have such a great, hilarious, godly, special time together!
Jolanda, Renee, me

I admire and respect these ladies so much. When they asked me if I'd lead a session, I immediately said sure! and only later got nervous about it. They're laidback and really great, but I respect them so much it was a little intimidating. They've both lead large Bible studies at our church before, and I've learned so much from them. But alas, it went really well, and I am thankful they are so great. What a blessing!

And since our house was clean {or at least clean to us... just ignore the piles and such!}, I thought I'd take a couple pictures and show you our kitchen...

...and living room.

My blessings. I'm so thankful. What are you thankful for this week?


Kimberly said...

I somtimes complain about where I live too, but then my parents had to sell their house and I realized how grateful I am to be able to keep mine in the midst of tough times. Your house looks cozy, the food looks great and friends are always such a gift:)

Future of Hope said...

Oh, there is my friend Renee!
I am so glad that you have gotten to know her. She is a special lady, as I am sure you already know. She was a true blessing to me and my family when we lived in Streamwood.