Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adoption Thoughts and Bible Study

As I'm preparing my heart right now to host and lead two wonderful, delightful ladies from church in our Bible study, I ran across this blog post that really touched and melted my heart. It's a lot of what I'm feeling and thinking and praying through right now.

I'm playing Holy One by Rush of Fools over and over again in the background as I prepare my heart and mind. As I raise my hands to Heaven and praise the Holy One, I can't help but think about adoption and what it might be like to raise orphans, just like God has adopted us into His family and taken us orphans into His heart.

And I'm so thankful that He's adopted me!!

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rlee8235 said...

Adoption is a subject close to my heart because I was adopted. I have a post on it because of all the conflicting feelings stemming from it. The biggest one is abandonment. What I learned is that even though I expect abandonment from human kind God will never abandon me! I am so glad to know him!!!