Friday, November 26, 2010

Things That Cheer Me Up

The view behind my mom & stepdad's... ahhhh.

The sunset over my Grandpa's farm.

I hate tea. Unless it's super sweet like my Grandma D used to make it {i.e. like Chick-fil-A's sweet tea, yummmmm!}. But my mom loved playing a game of 'taste the teas' with me a couple weeks ago, and she got me to loveeeee this tea! It's super yum. It was like drinking a warm cup of happy. 

You may think I'm cookoo, but walking or driving around a cemetery is very calming to me {in daylight; I'm not a total lunatic like my brother!}. There's one just a couple blocks from our house and here's how it looked a couple weeks ago.

Friends at Chick-fil-A. Love this place. Love these girls so much.

Seeing a dear friend and my favorite little boy again after two of the longest, most agonizing weeks of my life two weeks.

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