Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fibromyalgia & Chiropractic Care

I've seen a handful of different chiropractors, all with different techniques. The first time I ever visited a chiropractor was the day I started having Fibro symptoms in August 2006.

Two of them have been strong, devout Christians, and it's always interesting to hear their perspectives versus all the others.

Two of them are big on acupuncture. Which can be good, but I have a very sensitive body that reacts to it negatively sometimes.

I had one massage therapist at a chiropractor's office who did such a bad job that I had bruises on my back for days. I had a hard time being vocal back then about what I needed or did need.

I had one chiro who kept saying "Rochelle, I need you to tell me what I can do for you." I held back from saying it out loud, but I was thinking "Are you kidding me? You're the doctor! I need you to help me and do what you can for me!" After that was said to me, I never went back.

Ultimately after trying several different chiro's--some that had techniques that worked, some that didn't--I always wound up back at my very first chiropractor. He's a strong Christian, knows one of my coworkers really well, and has massage techniques that just really work for me. He uses contraptions that don't hurt me, are very gentle, and very effective.

But unfortunately, he and the other chiropractor whose techniques have been pretty useful, they are both 30-45 minutes each way out of my way. Ugh! I already commute so much for work that the additional drive time can just be too much. So it adds stress and ultimately doesn't help me.

I'm excited to have learned recently about another chiropractor near me at work from a coworker who really loves him. I've been too busy to give him a try yet, but I look forward to hopefully setting an appointment soon. It really is a huge benefit to my Fibro when I can get in good chiropractic & massage therapy.

I have no idea if he'll work out or not. I'm a little hesitant to try another new one, but he's so closeby and I trust the person who told me about him so we'll see.

I have a gut feeling I'll still end up back at the other one. I'm just thankful to have at least one that I trust and knows he does a good job.


Kimberly said...

I have never been to a chiro. but I have been going to a physical therapist that I really like. Only problem is, she can't really work on my entire body because the order was for pelvic floor/hips. I REALLY need her to work on my upper back and neck! Hope you like the new one if you get to go:)

Rochelle said...

Hm, and I've never been to a physical therapist! We need to definitely swap notes. :) For upper back and neck, I highly suggest calling around and checking with people you trust to find a chiropractor who uses gentle massage techniques on the upper back & neck, and electronic stimulation therapy. It's amazing, really. Ahhhh. :) Hence the reason I always find my way back to him, lol!