Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Movie Reviews

I haven't done any movie reviews in a while so these are from the past couple of months. I know these aren't super detailed, but I just want to be able to give you a basic opinion....

It’s Complicated:
Ugh, don’t bother. A messy, convoluted waste of time. 

The Other Guys: 
Wow, boring and not funny. An even bigger waste of time, we didn't bother trying to finish it. Even Tim was insanely bored. And we normally love Mark Wahlberg. This movie didn't even seem to have a point. 

Amazing!! Magical. Funny. Sweet. Good action. Everything you want in a delightful, family-friendly animated flick. I left the theatre walking on a cloud. There was just something really neat about it. Of course, we love Zachary Levi {what with our obsession with Chuck and all} so that helped. :) It really is one of the best animated movies ever. Official movie site

We were delightfully surprised by this movie! We actually really enjoyed it. It was much funnier than we expected, reverting back to some classic Tom Cruise. And Cameron Diaz really shined in this one. Great action with good romance & comedy thrown in!

Emotionally gripping. Surprising. Lovely. Takes some interesting spiritual twists {a bit off, but still interesting}. Has the young kid cuss which aggravates me. Nothing about encouraging kids to swear appeals to me so that bothered me right from the get-go. But still, a good movie overall. Definitely a tear-jerker too. Watch this one when in a sappy mood. 

Funny, action-packed, surprisingly good, but a few offensive uses of God’s/Christ’s name in vain that made it one I likely won't watch again. There's no reason for them to ruin movies by taking Christ's name in vain. It's uncalled for and unacceptable.  

The Spy Next Door: 
Stars Jackie Chan so automatically that means it should be good. It starts out kind of cheesy, but after the first 15-20 minutes or so, it becomes pretty good actually! It's really clean with some action and otherwise family-friendly. It's not violent, just your usual Chan-style kung fu-type stuff. It's cute and romantic with a good message. Billy Ray Cyrus & George Lopez nearly kill the movie—they do a horrible job. Ignore them and it’s great. The kids and the mom are amazing. Hysterically funny in some parts.

Loved this! Great movie based on the novel by Christian writer Karen Kingsbury. It's extremely powerful & emotional. Good, quality film. Thought-provoking. Tear-jerking. Stars lead guy from Chase & girl from The Unit, both good actors. A must-see. Despite that it's good quality, it's not for young viewers due to the nature of the topics discussed. Official movie site

I must be a total weirdo, but I really enjoyed this movie! I'm such a sucker for dance flicks. I don't like the dance reality shows on TV, but I do enjoy the movies. This one has lots of fun dance moves, despite that many of the moves are of a similar nature throughout. Since I'm not very good at dancing and really only do it in the privacy of my own home when I'm alone, it's fun for me to mimic their moves {the uncomplicated ones} for a little bit of a different style workout. And, well, there's just something about these movies that makes me enjoy them. :)

What have you seen lately?

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Lynda Young said...

I haven't seen a lot of movies lately. The last one I liked was How to Train your Dragon. I've heard great things about Tangled and Red. I'd like to see both.