Monday, March 7, 2011


so much to say

so little energy

weekend away


came back

broken furnace

really cold house

reminders of God's grace in the midst

remembered to pray for those less fortunate

without shelter or heat

so grateful for a wood-burning stove 

to keep us warm

and for 25 degrees above overnight

instead of 20 degrees below

and for our good friend sherah's husband marty

and his HVAC expertise, sheer genius, 

& ability to get here so quickly this morning to help

two nights of very little sleep

so exhausted

worked from home today


otherwise doing well

brain not processing thoughts very coherently

should be a good week

busy at work

lunches full with good friends

my dad is coming next Thursday

and i'm taking Friday off to hang out with him

something to look forward to

here i am with sherah & marty's son charlie last monday at lunch

1 comment:

blueviolet said...

So cool that you're going to have some time with your dad this week. I know you'll enjoy it.

Sorry to hear about the no heat. Awful!