Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bridal Shower, Trip, & Furnace

We had a terrific weekend away just a few hours south of here in Peoria, where we joined my best guy friend from high school and his fiancee. Jason, Anna, Tim, & I all get along great and we are soooo thankful for this continually growing friendship!

I attended Anna's bridal shower at her aunt's house on Saturday morning and it was so much fun! Basically we arrived at their house, I changed, and the ladies left for the shower--including Jason's two aunts and two grandmas who also drove up that morning from our hometown to attend the shower. It was pretty rushed, but I'm still glad we drove down Saturday morning since I wasn't feeling well last week.

{Meanwhile Jason entertained Tim and his Grandpa who joined his Grandma in the trip. It was great to see his Grandparents again too!}

They have a beautiful new house that Anna has moved into and Jason will move into after the wedding. We felt right at home there and it was a really relaxing {and beautiful} environment!

They are getting married mid-April. Tim is their videographer and I'm their vendor liaison. These are two very organized, on-top of it people! I'm so excited about their wedding, not just because of what it stands for and them starting their lives together, but also because of how organized they've been about it all! It was really neat to see the ceremony site, get a behind-the-scenes look at things, be able to ask some questions ahead of time, and to drive by the reception site.

Back at the house, Anna showed me all the stuff she'd been working on. Wow. It's going to be amazing! I love this stuff so much, and it was really fun to be engrossed in it all for a weekend. :)

And as a result, she's exhausted!!! ;)

Okay, so... Anna is the only adult female I know of who is majorly into dollhouses. Like the real, homemade, historic kind. It's pretty intense. I'm in awe of it all. I helped her unpack and decorate this house since it's now out of storage for the first time in about a year. It looks great! But I tell ya, I still don't get it. God bless her though for loving it. :) Side note, she managed to scout out a dollhouse store the last time she was here. I couldn't believe all this time we've lived so close to a little dollhouse store and had no idea! {Honestly I just didn't know stuff like this still existed!}

I neglected to get a picture of the four of us, or of Anna & I together at the shower, so here are a couple of shots we did grab.

Tim helping Jason light up their fireplace for the first time...

...and Anna & I hanging out on their deck.

It was a great weekend away!

It's just too bad we got back Sunday night to a broken furnace and 50 degree home. We're so thankful that we had enough firewood to get the wood-burning stove going, to be able to stay warm enough overnight because it wasn't below zero or negative wind chills, and to be able to call a knowledgable friend who could come over the next morning to help us out so quickly! By 11:30 a.m. the next day or so, it was up and running again and cost hardly anything.

We are so thankful & blessed. God taught us some important lessons during that time, and we are just reminded of his faithfulness and grace.

Now we look forward to a long weekend away in mid-April, watching these two start their lives together as husband and wife!!!

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Future of Hope said...

I am so glad you had fun in "my neck of the woods." How ironic that while you were here we were in Schaumburg; go figure!
I would love an opportunity to say hello, even for five minutes when you are down in April. If it might possibly work out, give me a holler!