Thursday, April 21, 2011


It's been a slow week of recovery after the wedding we were involved in this past weekend.

I was the wedding coordinator {but to a lesser degree than I have been with some, because the bride was super organized, and also had a personal attendant who has coordinated some weddings before, which was just awesome}, and Tim was the slideshow maker, videographer, random picture taker when I'd shove the camera into his hands and ask for pics ;), and reception sound guru.

It was wonderful, delightful, exciting, joyous, and utterly exhausting! We had such a marvelous weekend, I can't wait to share it all with you!

I don't have many good pictures yet because the flash is still broken on our digital camera. As a back-up camera, we took Tim's old SLR which came in super handy... but who knew they don't develop 35mm film at one-hour places anymore?!? Apparently it gets picked up every few days by the great people at Fuji who still kindly even sell the film, and then we get it back several days later. *sigh* So we won't get ours back until Tuesday and it costs a ridiculous amount of money for what it is. {I guess that's their way of trying to get you to buy digital. One of these days we may splurge for a digital SLR, but until then, we're stuck with trying to find a way to get our flash fixed! The last place had it for a month and couldn't figure it out, and gave us our money back. Arg!} 

I'm learning patience. I'm always so on top of taking pictures and viewing them right away {getting them uploaded to sites, well that's another story....}, so it's really hard to wait to see these pics! I feel like a little kid.....

Anyway, more details to come soon. I had hoped to post last night, but I went back and forth all evening between the couch and bed. I was in a ton of pain and such severe fatigue I couldn't get comfortable, do anything, or fall asleep for a while {I tried to about 8 p.m., I was that exhausted...typical bedtime for me is between 10:30 and 11:30}. Everything's okay, don't freak out on me friends :), I'm just still recovering and still gauging when to rest and when to move. I'm thankful for a flexible boss/workplace when I need a week like this when getting out of bed on time is virtually impossible.

Recovering slowly, thankful for a long holiday weekend with no traveling....

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