Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2011 - Part 1

I'm never quite sure how to start talking about Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.

It's different than Breast Cancer Awareness, MS Awareness, etc, because everyone knows about those things. Fibro is not known by everyone nor is it treatable like many of the others. But it's also an awareness day that many people don't know about so it's still at the awkward stage. And those who do know about it just know it as the "pain illness".

Most of us with Fibro feel like it's somewhat useless because we're spending so much of our lives trying to help spread the word anyway. Educating people about how it's more than just being in pain all the time. How it's a whole host of things, and how that's such an individualized list.

It's hard not to feel defeated or like we're those "condition that's all in the head" people. We get labeled instead of sympathy by so many still in the medical community. It's frustrating.

I still get the oddball questions and "what on earth is Fibromyalgia and how do you really pronounce it" questions. These by the people who know I have it and know it's pain-related. Their knowledge of what it really is remains minimal.

I do want to help in that. I just don't know really how to go about it because most of the time I start to feel like a broken record.

But I still think it's a good day to have. Just not sure how to go about spreading the word. So while I think about it, this post just is what it is....

Here's an awareness day post that I found to be really helpful:
Fibro Haven

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