Monday, June 6, 2011

Fibro Update

i want to post about the great weekend we had.

i want to share what's going on around here with you.

but i must be honest, i'm not doing well. chicagoland has hit 90 degree temps lately {today near 97}. i spent nearly 4 hours in and out of the sun Sat morning and as a result, was very sick for a couple hours afterward.

my body doesn't respond well to this heat spike. at all.

i ran one errand after work to Target to get a few things like bread. and i came home and collapsed on the bed and slept for an hour. {granted, it was insanely busy at work today too.}

i've just been laying around all evening, completely exhausted. i'm so thankful tim doesn't mind cereal for dinner on a hot, exhausted day like today!

things always ebb and flow with the Fibro, but right now I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep some more.

this too shall pass. but not until Thursday. *sigh*


Debbie Vermilyea said...

Oh Rochelle, I'm sorry you are feeling worse. The heat effects me more intensely than cold weather, so I understand how you feel. Sleep and rest as you need to, it's the best thing you can due for yourself. Hugs

Christina T said...

Hang in there. I hope that things will cool off earlier than predicted. Those weather people can be wrong sometimes. I am sorry that your feeling so poorly. I hope and pray that today will be a much better day for you.

blueviolet said...

I hope you're feeling better by now, and I'm so happy Tim doesn't mind a cereal meal now and then.