Thursday, June 23, 2011

Marriage Tips 3-6

Marriage Tip #3:

Know what you want, and look for it. Don't just settle, no matter how desperate you might be feeling, it will never be worth it in the end!!

Have a list, but allow it to form around the person meant for you, not being so ridiculously strict that no human being could ever live up to it.

Marriage Tip #4:

Pray beforehand. A lot.

I wrote letters to my future husband and kept them in a box under my bed for years {had Tim read a few on our wedding night}, and prayed over my future husband and our life together for years. I truly think it made a difference.

Marriage Tip #5:

Look for someone you aren't exactly like, but that you do have a lot in common with. Ultimately, the biggest one is your theology. What you believe about God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, the world around you, and so on is huge! It'll make such a difference to start out on the same page. Even though some things will change over the years, you'll have a solid foundation to go back to.

Marriage Tip #6:

My mind is drawing a complete blank.

Originally I'd planned to make it to tip #11 in honor of our 11 year wedding anniversary tomorrow, but alas... I'm beat. It's been an incredibly busy week at work where I've worked really long hours. It's been great, just exhausting. So I'm going to end it here for my sanity, I just have to.

11 years ago tonight, after our rehearsal dinner, here's a pic of Tim & I the last time we saw each other before our wedding day! We look freakishly young!!!

Good night all, more tomorrow!

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