Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Memorable Memorial Day

My last post, I think :), about our wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Here's some of what we experienced that weekend:

* late nights and early mornings
* tea and breakfast on the deck enjoying the breeze
* giggles and girl time with my mom and Tracie
* laughing so hard with Tracie I thought I was going to die
* meeting and holding my new nephew
* lots of snuggling, kissing, and just plain staring at Joshua
* eating lots of spaghetti

he's totally going to be ticked I shared this picture
but I don't care, I think he looks hot! ;)

this was Joshua's first ever restaurant experience
and he slept the whole way through :)

and here was his 2nd one later that night
and he slept the whole way through again, yay!!
now if he could just get his days & nights straight....

* homemade desserts not seen from my mom in years - pictured below is her mom's homemade shortcake, you add fresh strawberries & milk, and yummmm!!! not pictured is her homemade butterscotch. put that on top of bananas & ice cream and it's amazing! the girls think so too. :)

* enjoyable time for me just chatting with my brother and his wife while hubster played with the girls on the Wii and amazed them with stuff they hadn't seen before :)

* precious time with my nieces, giggling, sharing, hugging, loving, playing, and learning

* barbecues, family time, enjoying time on the deck, staring at the lake, soaking in God's creation

* wishing there was more time

* wishing my husband didn't have to go a day early

* thanking God unceasingly for his good gifts

* watching the girls interact so sweetly with their new little brother

okay so I know I shared this one already
but I just love it that much!!
* taking a gazillion family pictures

our makeshift family :)

* watching my nieces, brother, and mom swim in the lake - of which mom & Tim both thought was wayyyy too cold. shows how much they love those little girls

And again I apologize for all the oodles of pictures. I'm horrible at choosing. At this point I do this more for my own sort of journaling than actually expecting you to look at them all. But thanks for indulging me anyway. :) It was just such a special weekend for me, it's hard to stop talking about it! 


Future of Hope said...

I really have enjoyed seeing the pictures of your family. The girls are adorable, and I Joshua is just precious.
Hope you and Tim are doing well. I am hoping to head to Cantigny in Wheaton at some point this summer. I will give you a heads up and maybe we could meet you and Tim for dinner somewhere?!?!

Rochelle said...

Erin, I'm so glad you've been enjoying the pictures!!! :) Yay! That would be so great to see you! Please email or text me when you're around, we would love to see you guys!!!