Thursday, June 30, 2011

Real Honesty

Do you have those days weeks where you're so busy you can't even see straight? Where you're just sure at the end of a long day, if you have to do just one more thing like cook dinner, you just make completely melt down? That you make your husband deliriously happy one night in begging him to bring home some form of delicious/ nutritious take-out Taco Bell?!

I've been stressed out to the max this week with some tense and difficult situations both at work and personally. So on an insane day like today - as we also prepare our home for guests for this holiday weekend - we went with paper plates, a quick toss of some ham steaks in the skillet, some leftover chips from our family reunion on Saturday, and a banana!

Nothing too exciting, but it sure did the trick for tonight!

And yes, if you look closely, that is my foot propped up in the background. My left foot has been in excruciating pain the past couple of weeks - like someone is taking a large knife and grinding it through the top so that every time I step on the ball of my foot, the top just kills me. It's the thing I accidentally forgot to talk to my doctor about in my last appointment. So it was nice to eat on the couch while resting my foot! 

How's that for some real honesty? I wouldn't usually share that with just anybody, but given that I've also had trouble sleeping and am laying here awake, I figure why not?!

What's a real, possibly embarrassing, thing you've done recently as a result of stress?

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