Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Craze

We have multiple dear friends who are super stoked for the new Harry Potter movie in theatres tomorrow {technically midnight tonight}.

I. do. not. get. it.

I love Lord of the Rings, Transformers, etc. I love exciting, action, fun movies. But Harry Potter just hasn't ever interested me. Not because I have anything in particular against it {I don't care for the wizardy aspects, but Lord of the Rings has that in it too, although it also has Christian-based elements}, but just because it doesn't even look remotely good to me.



Our dear friends Katie & Leif are so excited about it, they are going to see it at midnight. They were going to dress up but they chickened out couldn't figure out good costumes in time. I've been texting with Katie about it tonight, and I'm still in disbelief at how unbelievably excited she is about it! {Hi Katie, I love you!! :)}

My dear friend Monica has threatened to host an all-day Harry Potter movie-a-thon to get me hooked on it.

At Tim's recent family gathering, Harry Potter is what was on in the background for the kids.


We had been considering a date night for tomorrow, wanting badly to finally go see the new Transformers 3 movie {and you know, spend some intentional time hanging out together outside the house ;)}. Instead, we will be avoiding movie theatres like the plague given the outpouring of people for the new Harry Potter movie.

You will find us on our couch, watching one of our favorite summer shows ever: Flashpoint {7 pm CT, CBS, seriously SO good!}.

image from Fandago


Christina T said...

As a big fan of Harry Potter you know I'll be watching the movie soon (but I won't be dressing up) :)

I am looking forward to seeing it but I know I will be disappointed in some way. Very few book to film adaptations get it right like The Lord of the Rings. While I love the books, the Harry Potter films miss out on a lot of the message by focusing on action and special effects (kind of like how the last two Narnia movies have not lived up to The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe).

What draws me to the series is the same thing that made me a fan of Star Wars and LOTR: the battle between good and evil, the quest of the main character, themes of sacrifice, friendship, love triumphing, etc. That is what makes me like the books (and subsequently the film to a lesser extent). I recommend John Granger's books on the Christian themes and deeper meaning in the Harry Potter books. They are quite thought provoking and enhanced my enjoyment of the series.

Of course Harry Potter isn't for everyone! People have the right to not read (or watch) things that don't interest them. I for one don't get the current craze for bromance or all these strange remakes: The Smurfs are being made into a movie? Really?

Have a fun evening at home. I will be at home hiding out from the movie crowds too :)

Katie G said...

haha. Thanks for the shout out! We loved the movie. It had a somewhat predictable ending, but I enjoyed it. I haven't read the books (only seen the movies), so I wasn't positive what was going to happen at the end.

I didn't think I would like Harry Potter originally (especially because I'm not a huge fan of LOTR), but my neighbors in Chicago made us watch them. Now I'm hooked. I can't wait to see it again :).

Transformers sounds good too, but it doesn't quite have the epic good vs. evil tension :).

Rachel Jones said...

haha....i don't get it either. haven't read any of them or seen any of the movies...the desire to do so just isn't there! :)