Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Reflections

This time last year, I was enjoying time with my family, relaxing along the Mississippi Riverfront in my hometown, and helping my best friend Tracie move. This year was very different, but still relaxing and stressfree.

This time, it was the first time in years that we haven't traveled or had guests on Labor Day. We had ideas of what we'd do - bike ride, go to a movie, etc. Instead, we relaxed, slept in 3 days straight, spontaneously met friends for lunch, went to evening church, chatted with people at church we hadn't seen in a while, watched rented movies from the comfort at home, I did organizing projects while Tim did video editing projects, made waffles, rested, I did some reading, baked brownies, we watched a bunch of our favorite Friends episodes, we had a BBQ with some of our closest friends, and I played around with Instagram! Such a fun weekend!!

part of our living room, just messing around with Instagram :)
a reorganized spare closet where our games & puzzles reside.
forgot to take a before pic, but trust me it looks SOOOO much better!
we tend to only use these when guests come.
Tim & I don't play games well together, we are both too competitive! ;)
made some yummy strawberry lemonade
this pic reminds me how much I dislike our kitchen countertop, blech
Parker wanted to give a big shout out to my blog friends! :) 
Monica trying to get Parker to tell us what his little brother's name will be 
tickle time!!
run away, run away... Sherah has a knife!!!
Marty & Monica chilling with their kiddos
I couldn't resist posting this, I love how Charlie is going after that water!
Marty & Charlie enjoying the swingset
Parker patiently waiting his turn
{okay so that's not quite true....}

Monica's homemade apple pie from the apples they picked this weekend
and yes, it was as amazing as it looks!!

Marty & Charlie enjoying the tunnel-thingy

Brian & Parker captivated by Thomas the Train

Parker enjoying the tunnel
he's blurry because he's always on the move!!

Wow, what a great, restful weekend with beautiful weather! I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend as well, and took some time to rest.


blueviolet said...

Your weekend was better than mine. You somehow managed to get a buttload of stuff done, but yet relaxed to the nth degree. How'd you do that?

Rochelle said...

Oh my gosh, still SO much to do! I didn't get nearly as much done as I should have... sleeping in until 10/10:30 each day makes it pretty tough to get a buttload done, but I did a little bit here and there as I could. It helped that we were home for most of it, we didn't do anything beyond an hour lunch, a 4 hour BBQ, & 1 1/2 hrs at church. Maybe that's really the answer - just committing to an extended weekend of being around the house. :)