Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Randomness

With the change of seasons and roller-coaster temperatures comes lots of office bugs - the spread of colds and the flu around our office has hit full force. One coworker blocked off his office space with a warning that made us all laugh! Despite a nasty battle with my sinuses and allergies going completely bazerk, I've managed to not get sick the past couple of weeks. Whew.

The Fall is really such a gorgeous season and I absolutely cannot get enough of it, but this past week plus, it's been 75 or above. When it comes time for Fall, I'm soooo ready for 50s and 60s!!! Thankfully this upcoming week it's supposed to cool down again, which I'm really excited about... and just in time to enjoy the Fall stuff with my mom & stepdad! I want to do so much and go so many places with them, and we can't possibly do it all within on weekend, arg! Anyway, loving all the varied tree colors, and any extra sightseeing I get to have. :)

On a perfect Fall day, nothing hits the spot quite like a Pumpkin shake from Culver's {frozen custard}!! Yummmmm.

The worst part about the current season has been the DRAMATIC increase in road construction! Surprisingly, instead of a whole heap of it starting up in April or May {some started then}, a ton of it has just started in the past month or so, as we head toward Winter. Every main road between my work and hubster's work has construction - it's maddening. And sometimes we get stuck in parking lots like the above one I got stuck in last week when they started construction out of nowhere on my commute south. Argggg!

My friend Monica & I met for lunch this past week at a nearby park that she loves and I'd never been to. Despite working in the area there for 10 years, and having heard of this park with a lake, I just hadn't ever gone to it. It was absolutely beautiful and so relaxing, and a nice shaded area over the playground for Parker to enjoy. It's a smallish lake in the midst of the suburbs, but it's beautiful. Once standing out on the dock, all of these fish come up to you thinking they're going to get fed:

Quite a sight, isn't it?!! I could just watch lakes & fish all day... as long as I'm in the shade.*

    *Did I mention that my sun sensitivity appears to be getting worse {even in 50 degree weather now, by the way}? 5 minutes in direct sunlight and my head gets really hot, I start feeling fatigued, and the nausea starts. By 20 minutes now my head is almost too hot to touch, the tingling on my head is so bad I'm dizzy, the fatigue gets extreme, and the nausea is almost unbearable. Stay in that for an hour and I'll probably be passing out, but at the very least I get incredibly sick for at least a day. It's awful. Well, I digress.....

On another note, we had a fun night on Friday! My dad ended up running late and couldn't get here until about 9, so we had a spontaneous hang out time with Monica & Parker, and Sherah, Marty, & Charlie. It was tons of fun!! We missed Brian {traveling for work}, but otherwise it was really great. We had pizza {thanks Marty!}, played in the leaves and on the swings with the kiddos, entertained the kids with their favorite videos, made some 5-ingredient cookies Sherah found on Pinterest {details below}, and just chilled out. It was SO great, thanks friends!!

Doesn't Monica look amazing pregnant?!?!
5-ingredient cookies:
1 c. peanut butter
1 c. brown sugar
1 t. baking soda
1 egg
chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix ingredients. Roll cookies into balls of 1 1/2 inches or so and place on an ungreased cookie sheet {will take 2 batches}. Bake for 9 minutes. Cool for 4 minutes before moving from tray and put on a cooling rack.

They are amazing! Yummm!! :) And it's SO nice to have go-to cookie recipe that's easy and from usual on-hand ingredients! Thanks for sharing it with us Sherah!

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