Thursday, November 3, 2011

Morning vs. Night People and All that Timing Stuff

Tim is a morning person, I'm a night person.

He talks too much too early in the morning, I talk too much too late at night.

But we are both minimalists when it comes to our morning routine, and neither of us get up early enough to eat breakfast before leaving home. And really, Tim just isn't big on breakfast. He likes the food, but isn't into eating first thing in the morning. I am just in too much of a rush because I get up at the last possible minute so I eat breakfast at my desk while I work.

Because, if you know me at all, you know mornings are not my thing... I'm really not functional until after 10 a.m. I can stay up late easily, but mornings... blech. {And yes I felt this way even prior to Fibro and all the morning stiffness/fogginess stuff that's come along with that.}

I love the concept, don't get me wrong. I love the sunrise, I love the peace & quiet, I love the stillness of it on vacation {yes I got up on vacation and even took walks by myself in the beautiful surroundings before we all met up for breakfast!!}, and I love to do what I can that early in the morning with no big distractions. But it doesn't work for me in real, every day life.

Lunch of course is in the middle of the day, whatever we have planned, no big deal. I have a tough time figuring out lunches on the weekends since I want to try to go beyond the regular sandwich so I mix it up and experiment whenever I can.

Tim has an hour-plus commute each way, doesn't have a paid lunch hour, and gets home later in the evening {let's just put it this way, he's gone 11 hours every day}. So we eat dinner around 7 p.m. {yes, I usually have a snack!}. When we have guests, it tends to be the same because I'm so used to it that I don't really think beyond that. Thankfully I have gracious guests who sometimes kindly remind me that they are in fact starving.

One of the predicaments of family vacation, traveling, holidays, etc, is agreeing on the time we eat. We try to just go with the flow but it's not always easy.

When we were about an hour from our recent vacation, I texted my brother to let him know when we'd get there. He texted back and said "drive fast, we're hungry, we wanna eat".

It was 4 p.m.

I laughed.

He was serious.

Not surprising. 

Thankfully my brother and I are alike in the non-morning person category. Praise God! We can sit together and stare at nothing for an hour and would be okay with not talking the whole time, especially before caffeine... but we could talk each other's ear off at midnight. My mom lovesssss mornings and falls over if she's up past 10.

My mom & stepdad usually eat breakfast by 7:30 a.m. So I get up when we're with them to make sure I eat with them. My brother & his family get up later if they can, especially with the baby being sick on vacation. Breakfast was around 8/8:30... ahhhh. :)

And dinner on vacation was about 5:30. On the second night there as we were laying in bed watching TV in our lodge room {because you can do that sort of thing on vacation} about 9:30 p.m. and Tim piped up "wanna order a pizza??"

I about fell off the bed, it was so funny! And timely. We'd eaten so early compared to our usual schedules that we were really hungry right before bed!! {But no, it was really a joke, we did not order a pizza.}

How do you handle your schedules with family on vacations? How different are you and your loved ones on the morning vs. night thing? Which one are you?


Rachel Jones said...

Haha I Used to be a night person and now I feel like I'm neither!!! :(

Sarakastic said...

My family pretty much knows that when I do go on vacation fibro is going to dictate the schedule; not even me and they are really good at working around it so I can actually go.