Thursday, December 29, 2011

Now that Christmas is over...

...I finally found my stash of my favorite Christmas CD's!

I'd put them, of course, where I'd be able to find them easily.

And then forgot where I put them.

They were already in my iTunes playlist, but I didn't have any Christmas CD's for my car except 1 new one and much as I love David Crowder, playing the same one over and over and over was getting to be too much! So now I have them for my car. YAY!!

And yes, I'm still playing them, despite Christmas being over! I have a strict rule of not listening to Christmas music until a day or two before Thanksgiving {helps get me in the spirit of Black Friday shopping!} but once Christmas is over I still play Christmas music {and leave up the decorations in my house} for as long as I feel like it, usually a few days up to a couple weeks. There was one year we left our decorations up until early February! It was fun. :)

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Pamela Esparza said...

YAY!! That Happens to me also! I finally Put it in My Mp3 then Christmas is Over... and I'm like NO!!! -_-