Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year / New Start

First of all, Happy New Year!!

Secondly, an array of thoughts....

Over the past several months, I was feeling really overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed by all the parties, stuff to do, shopping, family get togethers, traveling, etc. Overwhelmed by not being good enough. Overwhelmed by not feeling like I could ever measure up. Overwhelmed by getting sick and feeling miserable. Overwhelmed by lists of way too much.

I felt I had so many things I needed to fix, do, correct, etc, that I was starting to spin out of control and negatively react instead of proactively just work on what I could when I could.

But there's something about a long break, a new year, a clean slate, and a fresh start that just utterly refreshes the soul.

As well as getting a new haircut & highlights :)
thanks to my amazing sister-in-law Diana!!!

I've come away from the past 2 1/2 weeks {of not working} feeling rejuvenated, more content, and relaxed.

More connected with my Savior. More connected with family and friends. Dealing with Fibromyalgia flares. Overcoming fears and anxieties. Facing my 12th married Christmas without children, and seeing a whole new side to God's kindness and sovereignty in the midst of it all. Spoiling my nieces, nephews, and friends kids. Stealing away time with hubster. Watching oodles of movies. Celebrating the new year with family. Crying a lot. Laughing a lot.

Unfortunately, both of us had bouts with the flu, followed by my dad's visit over new year's ending up with him having the flu. So many people we know have been sick this season, and it's been rough! But we've all survived it and in the end, are reminded that even in the midst of illness God's goodness shines through.

While we are all busily thinking through our goals or resolutions for the new year, as we try to remember to work grace into our goals so we aren't overwhelmed or dropping them in 2 weeks, and as we remember just because we are entering a new year doesn't mean we've suddenly reached the ability to be perfect... may we all take a serious chill pill and remember why we're all here in the first place.

That as we come face-to-face with our fears over what may come in 2012, and as we make steps forward to become more of who we want to be & who God is shaping us into in 2012... may we do it all to the glory & honor of God!

We only have one chance to live 2012. Let's make it the very best that it can be!

Now off to see if I can make one of my goals happen for real this year... get to bed on time. And now that I'm 35 minutes overdue for that as we watch the Iowa Caucuses come to a close, I will bid you a good night and a great new year!


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I love your positive outlook, and I love that sassy new do. Super cute!

PS. You actually can watch that boring political schmuckity schmuck?

Happy New Year!

don and sara said...

Good post- glad you have been refreshed! Haircut and highlights look great!!